How long do lessons go for?

Instrumental Music Lessons and singing lessons go for 30minutes in duration, once a week, during school hours. Our qualified teachers always collect students from their classes and return each student back to their classes.


What type of lessons do you offer?

We offer both individual 30min lessons and shared 30min lessons (2 students in a group of a similar age and ability level).

How much should my child be practicing? and what duration?

All students should be aiming for a minimum of 15 min practice sessions, 4 times a week (ideally 30 minutes, 4 times a week)

Does my child need an instrument to practice on at home?

Your child will need their own instrument to practice on between lessons, as well as a dedicated practice area at home without distractions if possible. We are happy to assist you with providing advice for purchasing instruments through our music shop partners. We can also assist if you are interested in hiring an instrument. 


Does my child miss out on specialist classes?

No, at all times, we work very closely with the school to ensure that students are not coming out of Specialist classes, or Literacy, Maths etc. If there is a rotating timetable in place, the student will miss out on classes; however it should only be around once or twice per term as the class rotates.


Does the teacher have a Working With Children Card and does Christian Nativo Music check that all teacher's WWC are constantly up to date?

Absolutely. A copy of the teacher’s Working With Children Card is presented to the school to keep on file, and is also presented to parents if requested. Christian Nativo Music constantly checks the validity of teacher's Working with Children Cards too.


Are teachers trained and up to date with Victoria’s Child Safe Standards?

Yes. Teachers are trained and updated by Christian Nativo Music on Victoria’s Child Safe Standards  as found on

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