​Operational Policies

*To ensure we are able to employ the highest quality teachers, we are not able to offer make up lessons if a student is unable to attend his/her lesson (Christian Nativo Music will give consideration to personal circumstances). It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to notify Christan Nativo Music if the student is going to miss lessons due to holiday etc 

*Missed lessons due to school activities such as Camps, Excursions etc will always be made up. In the case that they cannot be made up, the missed lesson will be credited onto the following term’s invoice.

*All fees are to be paid in full by the due date as stated on your invoice.

*A $20 administration fee will be added to your invoice, if it is more than 14 days late.

*Christian Nativo Music reserves the right to cancel your enrolment if your invoice is not paid after 2 overdue reminder text messages.

*Students are automatically re enrolled for the next school term of tuition, therefore it is the Parent/Guardian’s responsibility to advise Christian Nativo Music via email if they wish to discontinue.

*All lessons are to be used within the school term that is invoiced; they cannot be carried over into another school term of lessons. Shared sessions cannot be made up or refunded if a student is absent.

*When a teacher is absent, Christian Nativo Music will reschedule the lesson without charge.

*No lessons will be held on Public Holidays.

*If a student withdraws from a shared lesson, Christian Nativo Music reserves the right to pair the remaining student with a another student to continue the shared lesson arrangement. If this is not possible, the remaining student will continue to have 20min individual lessons until Christian Nativo Music can fill the other spot.

*In the case that a teacher is unavailable to teach, every effort will be made to organise a suitably qualified fill in teacher, however if that is not possible, the missed lesson will be credited onto the following term’s invoice.

Privacy Policies

256-Bit SSL

Submitted enrolment form data from the Christian Nativo Music website uses 256-Bit SSL which is the industry standard for viewing and sending sensitive information online. Every enrolment form sent using the Christian Nativo Music website comes with 256-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) enabled.

Data Encryption

Our data form carrier Formstack ensures no one but Christian Nativo Music directors can read submitted enrolment form data. https://www.formstack.com/features/encryption

Stored Enrolment Form Data

Form data is stored securely on Formstack’s servers. Christian Nativo Music uses encryption for their stored submissions with Formstack. PGP email encryption is included to protect information shared through notification and confirmation emails.

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